Sponsership of Tahfeez-ul-Quran Centers

No doubt the education of the Holy Qur'an is as important as is its recitation.The future of the quranclassMuslim Umma and welfare and salvation of the society also depend upon the teaching and learning of the Holy Qur'an.The distinctive position of those who are concerned with the teaching and learning of the Qur'an and those who sponsor them have been described in the following commands of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) :

He who learns and teachers and teaches the Qur'an is the best among you (Bukhari from Usman R.A.)

The Holy Prophet (PHUB) while addressing a meeting on the recitation for the Qur'an and said: Jibraeel ameen came to me and told me that among the angels Allah Almighty is being proud of you (Muslim from Abu Huraira R.A.)

Through this book Allah Almighty blesses many of the nations with progress and brings for many others the demise (Muslim from Umer bin Khatab R.A.)

For basic idea behind it is that these centers will be open to all and sundry of the locality.These centers Should give the light of knowledge and serve as beacon of light the darkness of night.

Due to these centers, a movement of studying the Holy Qur'an should rise and the high andqurancenter2 the low should directly be benefited from the Holy Guidance. These centers would equip those individuals with the Qur'anic education who would go into the practical world and prove themselves as a source of goodness and welfare.Those who would devote their lives for shaping the society on Islamic lines: those whose distinctive features should be the reflective of wisdom of Sadiq-e-Akbar (R.A.). the honor of faith of Umar-bin-khatab (R.A.). generosity of Usman-bin-afan (R.A.). and valor,bravery and gallantry of Ali-bin-Abi Talib (R.A.): those who would be the triumphant of character and would be all love for Islam; those who would fight on the forefront for the dominance of Islam; and those who have the spirit to serve humanity rising above trivial differences.


Masajid 150
Hifz Centers 30  
Water Tanks 221  
Boring 310  
libraries 150  
Dawa Colleges 10

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