Sponsorship of Students

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says:nimazi

He who learns and teaches the Qur'an is the best among you (bukhari form Usman R.A.)


He who helps in the process of goodness eams the same reward as the one who practices it (Muslim from Abi Masood R.A.)

Sadqa-e-jaria programe is the best source for the betterment of our present world as well as the world hereafter.Sponsor a Haif/aalim whose life is an opitome of goodness, whose training is given due attention, who is providedqurbani with an atmosphere fragrant with goodness and decency and who is taught the lessons of piousncess and earn an etcrnal recompense for yourselves as well for your parents and other kins ,Keep in mind that the process of aa'mal (good deeds) ends with once's death except sadqa-e-jaria which keeps the aa'mal on the increase (Muslim from Abi Huraira R.A.),The estimated expenses on four years programe of making a student a perfect hafiz of the Qur'an are about $ 3.500 which include the average rise in prices, Similarly the total expenses on the eight years programe of maiing a student a religious scholar are about $6.600 inclusive of the 10% average rise in prices of things.


Masajid 150
Hifz Centers 30  
Water Tanks 221  
Boring 310  
libraries 150  
Dawa Colleges 10

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