Self Sufficiency Programe for AIM/Khutaba/Teachers

The Holy Prophet (PBUH ) Says:

He who learns and teachers the Qur'an is the best among you (Bukhari From Usman R. A.)

Won't you like to plant such a tree that would offer its fruit to you and your generations till eternity?

Won't you plant a shady tree in the penetrating sun where every human can find shade and shelter,and you will gain spiritual satisfaction and eternal forgiveness?

Don't you want to get a well dug in a desert where the humanity should quench their thirst and its recompense should be blessed on you and this process should continue till the dooms day?

Don't you like angels to feel proud of your destiny?

Won't you like that the number of you good deeds should go on piling even after you pass away from this mortal world?

Don't you want the number of your good deeds of your parents,near and dear ones continue increasing and they should deserve etenal reward near Allah?

Don't you want to do good deed once and this goodness should give birth to many other good deeds for you and this process should continue?

Don't you want that someone should do something good,call others to Islam,teach the Qur'an,light the lamp of knowledge and you should get the equal reward?

The Prophet (PBUH) says:

He who helped in the process of goodness cams the same reward as the one who practices it(Muslim from Abi Masood R.A.).

Yes! You can fulfill all these wishes.Self Sufficiency Programe for Aima/Khutaba/Teachers by the Masajid-o-Madarsis Foundation is a golden part of the same chain, Masajid-o-Madaris Foundation has introduced a programe to cater to the needs of Aima/Khutaba/Teachers/Through their sponsorship .In this way the preachers of Islam will serve for the good cause without any finacial worries. You will pay once and then it is the responsibility of the Foundation to give a life long sponsorship to the Aima/Khutaba/Teachers.

No one knows whether you will get such rare opportunity again in life. Take advantage of this programe and contribute from your side, Sponsor a hafiz aalim whose life is an epitome of goodness ,Whose training is givendue attention,Who is provided with and atmosphere fragrant with goodness and decency and who is taught the lessons of piousness and carn an eternal recompense for yourselves as well as for your parents and other kins.keep in mind that the Holy prophet says that process of aa'mal (good deeds) ends with one's death except sadqa-e-jaria which growing up the aa'mal (Muslim from Abi Huraira R.A.) .May Allah protect your life and property!

Estimated expenses on Self Sufficiency Programme for Aima/Khutaba/Teachers $ 6.25.000

The lifelong sponsership of a Teacher / Khateeb / Imam/Preacher $ 6.173

The monthly sponsorship of a preacher of a preacher/teacher/Khateeb $ 98

The annual sponsorship of a preacher of a preacher/teacher/Khateeb $ 1.185


Masajid 150
Hifz Centers 30  
Water Tanks 221  
Boring 310  
libraries 150  
Dawa Colleges 10

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