Masajid Construction Programe

The Allah's Prophet (PBUH) has given glad tiding of owning a house in Paradise for the one who shoulders the responsibility of the construction of a mosque. Thus says the Holy Prophet (PBUH): For the one who builds a mosque for Allah where Allah is remembered, Allah will build a house in Paradise (Al-Nisai from Umro-bin-Anbasta R. A. and Muslim from Usman-bin-Afan R. A.). The importance of the construction of mosques is not hidden from any Muslim. Allah Almighty has promised to bless the homes of those who build his house. The basic unit of Islamic society is a mosque and the center for the teaching and learning of the Holy Qur'an is also the mosque. This center is the source of good and welfare. By reviving and activating the true role of the mosque. we can save our young generation from the evil ways of these difficult times and can shape their personalities on better lines and thus play our pleasant role. In all the ages of Islamic history. special importance was given to the construction of mosques and to their roles. Particularly. in the form of mosques we can see great architectural and masterpiece models. Thus, the construction of mosques is, in a way, the protection of our faith and ideology as well as an arrangement for the training of our young generation. Because of the above-mentioned reasons, Masjid-o-Madaris Foundation has decided to construct mosques, to repair the mosques that were damaged in the earthquake (2005) and to supply the amenities to the already present mosques. Alhamdulillah the projects of 52 mosques have been completed so far,5 mosques are under construction while several others are in pipeline.

Average expenses on Mosque Construction $ 9,260-12346



Masajid 150
Hifz Centers 30  
Water Tanks 221  
Boring 310  
libraries 150  
Dawa Colleges 10

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