• To enlighten the true function of Masajid in society.
  • To construct and repair mosques as well as to change them into Islamic educational and training centers.
  • To arrange for the patronizing, training and guidance of aima, khutaba and teachers for effective dawa and tableegh.
  • To strive for the eradication of ethnic, linguistic and religious prejudices and to work for the unity of Ummah
  • To establish centers for the study of Hifz and Nazra Qur’an, and Shriah’h.
  • To arrange training courses for aima, khutaba and teachers to get objective results.
  • To establish model madrisas consisting of center of Qur’anic education, library, Dar-ul-IftaWal-Irshad and dispensary in all the districts of Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas.
  • To plan a supply of resourcesfor the establishment and arrangements of Mosques and Madaris, and to arrange for long term sponsorship of aima, khutaba, teachers and Students.


Masajid 150
Hifz Centers 30  
Water Tanks 221  
Boring 310  
libraries 150  
Dawa Colleges 10

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